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Getting A Rustic Look At Your Wedding

Just as you might have noticed in magazines and on Pinterest and elsewhere, rustic décor is a hot ticket once again. The simple has again become sophisticated décor for homes and has been making a huge comeback for weddings as well. An article appearing onRead More »

Are Wedding Hashtags Going Out Of Style?

Most brides and grooms have got so much on their plate that figuring out the perfect wedding hashtag can seem like another detail that’s hardly worthy of the stress involved. There’s no doubt that social media has become a part of the lives of soRead More »

Marriage Equality Fight Turns To Videography

In spite of marriage equality being the law of the land, a Minnesota Couple is the latest in a string of conservatives who claim that because of their religious beliefs, they shouldn’t be forced to serve gay couples. In an article that appeared on theRead More »

Would You Prefer A Quieter Wedding?

Many of today’s couples are not only finding that small is better, but having what can be called a “quiet” wedding can be a whole lot sweeter, too. According to an article that appeared on the Pocono Record website, all weddings, no matter what sizeRead More »

Crafting A Small Wedding

Not everyone needs or even wants to have a wedding guest list that includes between 200 -300 friends and family. Thankfully, for those couples who want a truly intimate affair with just those that they are closest to, there are lots of options when justRead More »

Getting A Deal On Dresses And Decor

One of the biggest expenses for any couple getting married is the wedding ceremony itself. For brides on a budget or for those who just cannot justify spending a huge wad of cash on dresses and décor they will wear or use only one time,Read More »

Celebrity Wedding Tips From 2017 You Can Use in 2018!

2017 was a fantastic year for celebrity weddings. Just Jared and Brides Magazine compiled lists of some of the most memorable celebrity nuptials of the past year. Below are some ideas that they used for their own weddings. Who knows? Maybe they will provide someRead More »

How To Deal With Bad Wedding Photos

On the biggest day of your life, of course you want the photographs and memories to be the best they can be. The time that it takes from when the pictures are taken to when you have them back in hand can seem like anRead More »

Hot Wedding Trends For 2018

It’s not a big secret:  Today’s engaged couples are choosing to do their wedding day their way.  From the less formal to truly laid back, more personalized touches that make your big day in 2018 truly one of a kind.  You can rest assured; thisRead More »

De-Cluttering After A Wedding

After all of the flurry of activity of planning a wedding and making it through to the other side of the big event, many brides find that they can be almost a bit of a “letdown” as they settle into life living with another personRead More »

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