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Crafting A Small Wedding

Not everyone needs or even wants to have a wedding guest list that includes between 200 -300 friends and family. Thankfully, for those couples who want a truly intimate affair with just those that they are closest to, there are lots of options when just having a small and intimate wedding is more along the lines of what they want.

In an article appearing on Brides.com offers 30 suggestions to keeping down the number of wedding attendees as well as the cost. Here are some suggestions that may provide you with a whole new take on how to make an intimate wedding just as special as if it were the social event of the year.

  • Re-Think the Traditional – If you want the sense of having the expanse of space without necessarily opting for a big cathedral wedding or the country club scene, you can still have it without being overwhelmed. If you, a family member or friend has a place out in the country, a homestead in the woods, or a home with an incredible garden, it can provide the perfect venue for a small gathering for both the nuptials and celebrations afterward. According to Francie Dorman of 42 North, “Consider areas that are overlooked, like the library of a historic estate.”

  • Incorporate Family Heirlooms – Small and intimate weddings and receptions can give couples and their families an opportunity to make use of things such as vintage china, hand embroidered table linens and grandmother’s crystal goblets or centerpieces to make the event truly special. Each item has a story and incorporating both old and new design elements can create a one-of-a-kind look that is sophisticated and completely intimate.

  • Know the Basics – Every wedding reception will require things such as décor, entertainment, and possibly servers or a bar no matter what size the event is. Having a trusted family member or a wedding planner to help coordinate all of these elements can help with all of these are so that you and your beloved can relax and enjoy the most special day of your new life together.

Read the full article for even more ideas!


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