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A Glamorous Birthday Bash


Geri Sims had the pleasure of converting a basic ballroom into a glamorous birthday gala for Kim Zolciak-Biermann from Housewives of Atlanta and Tardy for the Party a few years back.

The room starred out as a basic ballroom.

Nothing spectacular until we draped all of the walls from ceiling to floor using both a solid white fabric with a sheer in front to soften the room. Those drapes set the room so that the client’s vision could then be easily incorporated into it.

The floor was completely covered in white dance floor tiles which allows us to go around the room with detailed turn and curves. And sections of the floor lit up to the beat of the music once the party started creating an eye-catching view.

The drapes for the back-wall windows served as the focal point for the party. We incorporated the client’s vision by using three layers of drape and sheer, beading with accents of tiffany blue color. Since the ballroom had such low ceilings, we suggested using only different size paper lanterns and clear iridescent beading. This created a clean, simple yet modern look without looking overwhelming.  As you can tell by the photos, we used small, medium, and large lanterns in both white and tiffany blue which were hand-painted to keep the soft elegant look. From our vast experience we knew that by adding these pops of color the ceiling would make the room appear larger. And it did!

Making a client’s vision come true is what we do best. This party was put together in three days with the client coming into the room at the end of each day to make any necessary suggestions without all the workers present.  Our extensive background in the arts allows us to create outside the box and create the vision you are expecting. Let Geri Sims create an event that you will remember for a lifetime. Call 770-558-1300 or complete our contact us form to get your personalized quote. We specialize in making dreams come true!



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