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Details Are Critical in Every Event We Plan

It’s true, details do matter. It is the details of an event that make the whole event come together and look polished and just what the client wished for. In the many years of working on events we chose to create rooms or recreate rooms because our gift is in visualizing the whole event and then putting it together detail by detail.

Almost anyone can hang a drape at an event but there is a style and a craft to it. Other vendors that are familiar with our work can spot our designs as soon as they enter a room. It is the final touches that allow our work to shine.

This wedding showcased in the photos below is no different. The venue was a custom tent with barn wood walls and church like windows created by precision carpenters. The bride and groom wanted a classic look with details that made their wedding stand out. We created custom covered tent gutters where the tents bump into each creating a seamless transition between the tents. The finished look was of a much larger tent. We even brought in custom sewing machines to create custom tent liners and other accessories because we know that it is going to take out of the box thinking and customizations to pull the details together.

When a client hires us they are looking for creativity, experience, and sometimes out of the box thinking. Our years of experience and variety of events we have worked on bring just that to our clients. If you think anyone can do this kind of work, then we welcome you to try. We examine the big picture of the full event and then work backwards looking at every detail. And sometimes we must suggest alternatives to ideas that a client may wish for because those ideas do not work with the big overall plan.

There is magic in every event we create. The pictures of my work show my experience and the details involved. We never run out of ideas and experience allows us to find a way to give you that WOW you are wanting for your special event. Let Geri Sims create an event that you will remember for a lifetime. Call 770-558-1300 or complete our contact us form to get your personalized quote. We specialize in making dreams come true!



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