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Questions & Answers

Why choose Atlanta Wedding Décor and who is Geri Sims?

Geri Sims is a Designer who graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. She initially worked with Design Studios and Advertising Agencies in Miami Florida, and then moved to Tennessee where she built Giant Seasonal Sculptures in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. In 1987 she relocated to Atlanta Georgia and opened an Event Business. Now with over 30 years in the industry, Geri’s ready to help you design the Wedding of your dreams.

What is Pipe and Drape and how would I utilize this service?

Pipe and Drape is material that’s hung on crossbars and placed strategically to obscure nonessential objects or space. The material softens the look of the room and is an assortment of 24 colors and textures i.e. Sheer, Sateen, Burlap, Poly, Velour and many more fire-retardant fabrics. These textured fabrics come to life as their hung either down a wall or suspended from the ceiling.

What’s the cost of the service and is a deposit required?

Prices are reasonable and we have a $1,000.00 minimum. A 25% deposit is required when scheduling services and the final payment is due 15 days before the Event. Geri bases pricing on measurements taken at the facility. Room dimensions and wall height will help estimate how much time and materials are necessary. But rest assured, she’ll consider your budget and make the best of the space to accomplish your desired effect. Please go to the website and ‘Request a Quote’, and once that’s done, she will have a better idea of cost and can work to provide a proposal. The consult is free.

I’m planning a ‘Themed Wedding’; can you accommodate for my color scheme and design?

Theme WeddingYes. When traditional design doesn’t quite work, Geri builds from many different mediums to suite any special lines and turns around the framework. Themed Events are a specialty of hers’ and thinking out of the box is her strength. She knows where to find those special items that will make your Wedding unforgettable.

Can you give me an idea of where the drape could be placed?

Consider custom drape as ‘A Cosmetic Fabric Wall’ that serves as a backdrop for your ceremony, wedding cake area, reception wall(s), entranceway, cabanas, or stage background for the band. Many facilities host both the ceremony and reception in the same space. Pipe and drape lend itself to creating dividing walls that allow for softening the room.

What makes Atlanta Wedding Décor / GeriSims.com different than other competitors?

Wedding DraperyGeri has a flair for creating a light airy 3-dimensional look to an otherwise boring room. The drape is not only placed against the walls but hung in the ceiling along with LED string lighting, chandeliers, and up-lighting. Her hardware extends to 30’ in height. This is important in that no space is left between the drape and the ceiling so that a finished look is captured. Geri takes pride in the fact that she has a professional Staff, that are on time, and courteous. She’s willing to creatively make changes when required. Her fabric is always clean, wrinkle-free, never stained or discolored.

When you see Geri’s work – you’ll know it.
When you walk through the doors of her creation, you find a polished look with finishing touches that will leave you breathless. You have only one day to make a lasting memory. Your Wedding is much too valuable to find out ‘the day of’ that you’ve trusted the wrong Vendor. We have a better Product and a better Price. Allow us to work your ideas into your budget and know that your picture-perfect day will be less stressful with beautiful drapery from Atlanta Wedding Décor / GeriSims.com.

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