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Getting A Rustic Look At Your Wedding

Just as you might have noticed in magazines and on Pinterest and elsewhere, rustic décor is a hot ticket once again. The simple has again become sophisticated décor for homes and has been making a huge comeback for weddings as well.

An article appearing on the Bride’s magazine website reports that today’s couples are opting far less option for extravagance and getting back to a kind of down-home feel. Brides and grooms are looking for that low-heeled genuineness that fits in with friends and family and is completely unpretentious.

Woodsy weddings are all about soft, muted or neutral tones coupled with wood, burlap, and greenery that highlight an overall natural feel. Whether you’ve chosen a wooded glen, an old wood barn, an out of the way chapel in the country or another venue, wooden boxed bouquets of flowers, touches of burlap and baby’s breath can lend a homey feel for any setting.

For wedding receptions, add a donut sign to inspire guests to casually munch and enjoy the festivities. Light interiors and exteriors alike with a warm glow from either old fashioned exposed bulbs or fairy lights. If you want just a touch of something formal for your wedding day, hire a calligrapher to create escort cards and reception place cards or you can do it yourself. You can then display the escort cards on twine with clothes pins and keep place cards in wine corks. Both will help reinforce a feeling of relaxed elegance.



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