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A Beautiful Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding

Making a client’s vision come true is what we do best. Most Indian weddings in the United States are larger and more elaborate than most weddings. An average wedding that we have worked has an invitation list of about 500 people or more, but for an Indian wedding the community is invited to partake in the celebration. An Indian wedding that is held in the United States can last three to four days.  But this is quite short in comparison to an Indian wedding held in India which can last over a week.

My role at most weddings begins the day before the ceremony.  The bride and groom will wear more traditional wedding attire at the actual wedding ceremony. Most Indian weddings hold a Garba the night before the wedding. A Garba is an energetic night of dancing and colorful attire that usually ends around midnight. It is one of the most beautiful dances we have seen. Families with friends, young dancing with the old and the bride and groom the focal point dancing as one in a large circle. If you have never attended a Garba, we highly recommend that you do even if it is watching one on Youtube.

Our job begins at midnight when the Garba has ended. Once everyone has left the building, the room must be transformed into a beautiful ceremony space. We have until dawn to complete this transformation.  Most ceremonies start by 9:00 a.m. and last almost 3 hours. I am sure your first thought is…how can they sit so still and quiet thru such a sacred ceremony. A Guru, who is like a priest or pastor, conducts their ceremony in their Indian language. The guests are allowed to move around and talk, with some sherbet or ice cream served. After the ceremony, lunch is served to all guests.

This wedding had the reception at the same location as the ceremony, so we had to work quickly to transform the room into an elaborate reception area. No matter what, it is a lot of work, and by now none of the workers have slept for almost 30 hours, and our job is not yet done. If the reception and ceremony are not held in the same room, once the reception begins, we must go back and take down the decor from the area the ceremony was held in.

Now if you do not think this is a big undertaking, then look at the pictures. A wedding of this size takes a minimum of about thirty people masterfully working completing their role amongst all of the guests. Most Indian weddings we have been a part of have a minimum of 500 guests, but we have seen as many as 1800 guests.

We try and make everything work like clockwork. I start first with asking if we can hang the fabric around the room a few days before the wedding begins. Next, I bring the fabric to the ceiling to not only get it out of the way but to not reveal the beauty of the room draped from ceiling to floor until the ceremony day. Large equipment is brought in to handle the quick transformation. We will also consult with the bride and groom to determine if we also need to add chandeliers and additional lighting to the room.

Once the ceremony is completed, we have found most couples want a completely different look for their reception. Many couples want to show off their individual style at the reception.

By the end of this Indian wedding, our staff has worked approximately 36 hours with no sleep. You really must have a genuinely devoted group of people to handle these hours and stress. And I do! My guys are on scissor lifts and ladders for most of the days.

Making a client’s vision come true is what we do best. We make sure that every cultural detail is handled with precision. Our extensive background in the arts allows us to create an exquisite Indian wedding and still allowing the bride and groom’s styles to show. Let Geri Sims create an event that you will remember for a lifetime. Call 404-558-1300 or complete our contact us form to get your personalized quote. We specialize in making dreams come true!



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