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Would You Prefer A Quieter Wedding?

Many of today’s couples are not only finding that small is better, but having what can be called a “quiet” wedding can be a whole lot sweeter, too.

According to an article that appeared on the Pocono Record website, all weddings, no matter what size they end up being, require at least some pre-planning beforehand. Some of author Lois Heckman’s suggestions include forgoing the usual bridesmaids and groomsmen and going very small. To the bride-to-be, Heckman offers some very sage advice: “For clothing, hair and make-up, you can make it easy, and still go as luxurious or unfussy as you wish. As I like to say: Don’t do the ‘up-do’ if it’s not you.”

Think intimate with a very small number of people that can comfortably fit into a small indoor or intimate outdoor location. Try a luncheon buffet in lieu of a formal dinner for your guests. It doesn’t have to be potluck. You can still splurge a little and make it really special but on a much smaller scale. In the end, couples can not only put together something that is unfussy and feels closer to what they’re comfortable with, but they can save a bundle in the price tag, too.

The one thing that couples should not skimp on and is something that we’ve covered numerous times on this here on the blog is when hiring a photographer.  You can opt for using the onboard camera on your cell phone, but wedding memories are meant to be special. Those photographs will last forever. Make sure that they’re the best that they can be.



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