Millennials Changing The Wedding Industry

Everything we thought we once knew about getting married has been given a complete overhaul in recent years. Ina recent article that appeared in the Huffington Post, the charge toward a complete rethink about what it means to get married is being led by millennials What some may see as a complete disruption and overturningread more

Photo Booths Popular At Some Weddings

Attend almost any wedding reception and you will find either a live band or a DJ playing music. A recent trend, however, has couples in Ohio opting for non-musical entertainment for their receptions. In an article in the Columbus Monthly, it states that one of the more popular alternatives making an appearance at wedding receptionsread more

Huge State Fair Wedding Reception Delights Hundreds of Guests

Country fair or carnival-themed weddings are popular throughout the country. This particular theme is both less expensive and definitely easy to recreate. However, one Texas newlywed couple took their state fair themed wedding to a whole new level when they put on a shindig that was just as big as the state itself! In aread more

Sticking to Routines and Exercise Can De-Stress Wedding Couples

There is no doubt that getting married is stressful, not just for the bride but for everyone. Getting out and getting away may be just the answer to help relax enough so that you can face the day more stress-free than you imagined possible. According to a recent article that appeared in the Northwest Arkansasread more

Tips for Saving on Wedding Costs

Nothing can be more exciting than the decision of two people to get married.  Of course, there’s so much to do and to plan for before the big day arrives. Of course, by now you might have come to the realization that getting married can come with a pretty hefty price tag.   Last yearread more

Considering a Second Marriage to your Spouse?

Today it’s not at all uncommon for people to get married a second or even a third time.  When you find happiness after disappointment it can be just as wonderful as the first time you were married.  It’s a natural human desire to spend our lives with someone that we love. According to the Pewread more

What to Discuss Before the Wedding

Before you and your beloved walk down the aisle, there are a few topics that need to be discussed beforehand. Even if you’ve just gotten the proposal or your engagement ring, or are starting to think to imagine what it’s going to be like to actually be married, each of these are topics that deserveread more

Cupcakes Popular in Georgia Weddings

If you’re planning on getting married, you know that weddings are all about personalization. It seems just about every bride is choosing to change some of the traditions of the past into something that works now. Much of this involves making the seemingly simple things or even ordinary things into something extraordinary.  Bakers are findingread more

Macrame at your Wedding may be a new Trend

During the early to mid-1970’s, macramé was all the rage. It seemed every home and college dorm at the time was bedecked in some sort of knotted item, whether it was a few plant hangers, a wall hanging, curtains or a room divider.  People wore macramé necklaces, purses, vests and even macramé bikinis. Through theread more

More Wedding Trends to Look Forward To

Believe it or not, winter seems to be the time when couples begin to think about planning their wedding. It could be the winter chill or even Valentine’s Day that inspires them to think about their love and making a commitment for the rest of their lives. The Carroll County Times recently interviewed three weddingread more