Baby’s Breath is Booming

When it comes to floral decorations for weddings, there is an infinite variety of colors and palettes to choose from. Right now, according to a recent article that appeared in Elle magazine,  one flower has become the next standout. Baby’s breath, not too long ago, was considered an accent flower that is added merely toread more

Early Hints a Wedding Might Fail According to Wedding Planners

Of course when anyone is planning a wedding, they are caught up in the bliss and the promise of spending their life with the person that they love. According to a recent article appearing on the Huffington Post website, wedding planners and vendors that specialize in catering weddings can usually tell when a wedding isread more

Ways To Save On Your Expensive Wedding

It’s no great secret that weddings can carry a hefty price tag. When considering tying the knot with the person you love and before going out and spending a large chunk of yours or your family’s savings, there are things you might want to consider. According to a recent article that appeared on the Hostread more

Desi Weddings Continue To Evolve

It’s a tradition. Desi weddings are all about doing things big and beautiful. Overstatement and opulence are the orders of the day and in a recent article that appeared in the Times of India, Nona Walia reports that some of the hottest trends in Indian weddings have some unexpected twists alongside all of the thingsread more

Saving Costs On Wedding Guests

Does receiving a Save the Date card in the mail for a wedding fill you with happiness or a bit of apprehension?  While most people are happy to see friends and loved one announcing their upcoming nuptials, there can still exist that niggling thought of how much is it all going to cost in theread more

Themed Weddings Making a Comeback

Traditional weddings won’t be going out of style anytime soon. But lately there’s a continuing trend that has many brides, grooms and wedding planning professionals sitting up and taking note. With many wedding trends going further into what makes each person of a couple getting married unique, quite a few are looking at history andread more

Canceled Wedding Turns Into Homeless Party

Even after careful attention to detail, even the best of plans can come to naught. That was the case for an Indianapolis bride-to-be Sarah Cummins and her former fiancé, Logan Araujo when they canceled their wedding plans a mere week before the big day. The cancellation of a wedding that would have cost a projectedread more

Cool Non-Traditional Wedding Example Involves Trampolines

The sky’s the limit when it comes to putting together the kind of wedding you’ve been dreaming of. No matter how you define a non-traditional wedding, the touches you add can make it truly your own! A recent article featured on just how Worcester, Massachusetts couple, Katherine and Andy Butterfield celebrated their own non-traditionalread more

Rustic Weddings Are In Style

As the old saying goes, everything old is new again. It wasn’t so long ago that it was completely normal for rural couples and their families would hold a wedding in a barn or other rustic structure. Today, the trend toward a rustic, down home flavor for a wedding has come full circle. In aread more

Picking A Perfect Wedding Venue

When your beloved is down on one knee, asking to share your lives together, finding the perfect venue isn’t the first thing on your mind. Once the initial giddiness subsides, it’s time to start the long and hectic process of planning the wedding. After you’ve set the date, you get to decide which venue isread more