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Our Backdrops range anywhere from 8’ to 32’ tall and even higher. We offer many different looks and colors which can be enhanced by elegantly draped swags, iridescent beading and lighting. Our Wedding Backdrops are often used for the Ceremony, Bride & Groom’s Table and the Cake Table. These settings are where most of the wedding photos will be taken, so you want them to be extra elegant.

When it comes to corporate meetings or events, it’s all about the impression or message you want your audience to leave with. Our Corporate Backdrops can help with the overall presentation and delivery of your message by the use of different fabrics, color, dimension and simplicity, lighting and the use of props.

Backdrop Images

You can add lighting to our custom Designer Backdrops that gently fades to different colors and/or moves to the beat of your favorite music. Backdrops can be created with the inspiration of theme, color or tradition. We specialize in thinking outside the box.

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