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How To Deal With Bad Wedding Photos

On the biggest day of your life, of course you want the photographs and memories to be the best they can be. The time that it takes from when the pictures are taken to when you have them back in hand can seem like an endless amount of waiting.

Something that most couples don’t think about during that time is what happens if when getting the pictures back they just don’t match up with what you were expecting?  What if, heaven forbid, you just downright hate them? These were questions that were recently asked in a story that appeared on the Brides.Com website.

Here are a few of the suggestions that the writers at Brides offered.

  • Hire a Good Photographer – This goes almost without saying.  While your best friend’s boyfriend or your Uncle Stanley, for example, might offer to take your wedding photos on the cheap, consider that it might not be the best choice.  Make sure that whoever will be taking your wedding photos knows what they’re doing. Ask to see examples of previous work and make sure that they handle themselves and your precious moments in the most professional manner possible. Getting references is a very good thing to do for something so important.  Industry professionals suggest having a list of must-have photos and portraits that you want in your wedding photo portfolio.
  • Get Feedback – If you get your wedding photos back and they leave you feeling a bit flat or even downright resentful, it might be a good idea to get other opinions.  It is entirely possible that you are being overly critical. Getting the perspective of others can be a great way to figure out if the photos are the problem or you simply hate how your hair looked on your wedding day.  If, however, the photos that were uploaded to Instagram or Facebook by friends and relatives are better than what the photographer you hired took, it very well may be an issue with the person you hired to take your wedding photos and not with you.
  • Examine Your Contract. – It’s a good idea to also take a look at any contract you might have signed with your wedding photographer.  Sometimes it is possible for them to do a bit of editing and adjusting color levels through programs such as Adobe Photoshop to make the photos look better. Another option is to see how these shots might look as black and white photographs.  Often what looks ‘muddy’ as a color photograph can look absolutely stunning when shot in black and white.
  • Consider Retaking Them – Even though you aren’t going to get a wedding day do-over, it is possible to re-create how the two of you looked on your wedding day and re-shoot some of your photos. Most likely this will mean an added expense, but it would give you the chance to use the services of another photographer. They may suggest shooting the photographs in a different location with different light and shot composition that will give you a better result that you end up falling in love with.

The best plan of action is to check well in advance of your big day and keep an eye on the details so that your wedding memories on film come out the best that they can be.   This is true not only for photographs but for every aspect of your wedding plans. Having a wedding planner to help you do this can be of great help.

Planning a wedding should be exciting and fun and the memories should be happy ones.  Contact Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor today to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Geri specializes in wedding and event planning, dramatic drapery and lighting that will turn your wedding into something truly special. Call us today at (404) 558-1300 to schedule an appointment.




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