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A Dream Wedding

We were excited to be able to create a once in a lifetime wedding at Founders Hall in Charlotte North Carolina for a wonderful couple. Founders Hall is in the heart of Charlotte and is in the tallest building in Charlotte. It features timeless design with an elegant curved staircase, a vaulted atrium and beautiful marble flooring.

This wedding venue started in the area of Founders Hall where there are open shops around you and if you glance upwards you see high rise offices.  The couple’s goal was to have a quaint but beautiful wedding.  In order to accomplish that we added white draped wall that were 24 feet tall with a second level of drapes that were 12 feet tall to cover the offices and shops that were in the line of sight. The building had strong air conditioner winds that were blowing the fabrics but that was an issue were have dealt with before with our years of experience and were easily able to solve that issue again. With our 20 years of experience we rarely run into an issue that we have not been able to solve.

Creative venues for a wedding require years of industry insight and experience to be able to bring to life that couple’s vision. The couple’s personality and/or religious beliefs are also considered and play a role in the theme of the wedding. Our extensive background in the arts allows us to create outside the box while keeping your budget in mind. The dream day she has imagined for many years will come true with our team working their magic! If you are looking to make your wedding one you will remember for a lifetime call 770-558-1300 or complete our contact us form. We specialize in making dreams come true!


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