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Traditional Weddings

Traditional Wedding ImageMany of the Brides I work with request a simple and traditional Wedding. These are the brides I take the most time with, keeping their thoughts and ideas in mind to create a look beyond their imagination. I have learned that listening to the bride is crucial to me understanding what she is looking for so we can create the best look possible. At the end of the day, I want the bride and families to know I gave 110%.

A Traditional Wedding requires someone who has experience and understands the varied traditions of different faiths as well as having a high respect for an individual’s thoughts and ideas. What is traditional in one faith can be, and is most certain, to be different in another faith. For example, at times we have to stay within the confines of making a chuppah the focal point of a Jewish ceremony. Or sometimes, we have to be bring in a Priest to respectfully approve the request of a bride’s fresh ideas which may have an effect on her ceremony. With over 25 years of experience, I can help with these many important decisions.

I consider new ideas a respectful transition into something different but at the same time honoring life-long traditions. Having seen through the eyes of all parties involved, it has allowed me to become the person I am in the wedding industry which lets me help a bride make well thought-out decisions.
This country is a melting pot of many cultures and with such comes traditional brides wanting to follow their respective traditions and to pass them down to her children. Respecting traditions while adding fresh ideas is what creates lasting memories.

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