Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Costs

Getting engaged to be married is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. For those who are on their way to tying the knot, congratulations are in order! Now that the two of you have decided that you want to face the rest of your lives together, it’s time for you both toread more

Weddings Are About The Couple, Not The Tradition

Let’s face it: The era of couples following strict forms of tradition is over. Today’s bride and groom want their wedding experience to reflect who they are as a couple together, rather than following something that just doesn’t fit for them. In an article appearing on the VivaGlam Magazine website, Aishwarya Anandanathan reports that nearlyread more

Details Of The Royal Wedding!

Earlier this month, the world seemed to hold its collective breath for the Royal Wedding between England’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle. According to a story from Reuters, the planning for the big day began last November. If the end result was any indication, the planning really paid off. With all of the pre-weddingread more

Attending Someone Else’s Wedding Getting More Expensive?

Everyone talks about the high price of weddings. There’s so much to not only plan but also to budget for when you and your intended are the ones walking down the aisle. Nearly every couple planning a wedding wants it to be an event to remember not only for themselves but also for those familyread more

Getting A Rustic Look At Your Wedding

Just as you might have noticed in magazines and on Pinterest and elsewhere, rustic décor is a hot ticket once again. The simple has again become sophisticated décor for homes and has been making a huge comeback for weddings as well. An article appearing on the Bride’s magazine website reports that today’s couples are opting farread more

Are Wedding Hashtags Going Out Of Style?

Most brides and grooms have got so much on their plate that figuring out the perfect wedding hashtag can seem like another detail that’s hardly worthy of the stress involved. There’s no doubt that social media has become a part of the lives of so many, using hashtags for many of us is almost secondread more

Marriage Equality Fight Turns To Videography

In spite of marriage equality being the law of the land, a Minnesota Couple is the latest in a string of conservatives who claim that because of their religious beliefs, they shouldn’t be forced to serve gay couples. In an article that appeared on the Courthouse News website, a total of 19 states including Newread more

Would You Prefer A Quieter Wedding?

Many of today’s couples are not only finding that small is better, but having what can be called a “quiet” wedding can be a whole lot sweeter, too. According to an article that appeared on the Pocono Record website, all weddings, no matter what size they end up being, require at least some pre-planning more

Crafting A Small Wedding

Not everyone needs or even wants to have a wedding guest list that includes between 200 -300 friends and family. Thankfully, for those couples who want a truly intimate affair with just those that they are closest to, there are lots of options when just having a small and intimate wedding is more along theread more

Getting A Deal On Dresses And Decor

One of the biggest expenses for any couple getting married is the wedding ceremony itself. For brides on a budget or for those who just cannot justify spending a huge wad of cash on dresses and décor they will wear or use only one time, choosing consignment is a great option. Believe it or not,read more

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