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Are Wedding Hashtags Going Out Of Style?

Most brides and grooms have got so much on their plate that figuring out the perfect wedding hashtag can seem like another detail that’s hardly worthy of the stress involved. There’s no doubt that social media has become a part of the lives of so many, using hashtags for many of us is almost second nature. So why not have one special one for the biggest day of your lives?

According to a recent article on the Bustle.com website, there are plenty of sites and businesses out there that will help couples put together a unique and even fun hashtag of their very own.

Even so, given how popular wedding hashtags have been with couples and the number of potential duplications, trying to hammer out a unique hashtag in 2018 just might not be worth the effort. If you or your guests are not really going to be doing much uploading of photographs to social media sites like Instagram, maybe skipping it would be a good idea.

However, the idea of the wedding hashtag is not completely dead. According to the article’s author, Ayana Lage, couples should do what they want. It’s their wedding after all. Coming up with a fun and unique wedding hashtag doesn’t have to be limited to the names of the two people involved. Hashtags aren’t entirely passé’. Couples may very well have their own brand and so uploading and hasthtagging photos for those special days can be especially important.  

It can also be a way for connecting with those friends, relatives, and co-workers who were for whatever reason unable to attend. Having them arranged under a hashtag can make them easier to search on social media and offer a chance for others to see some of the special moments that they may have missed.



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