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Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Costs

Getting engaged to be married is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. For those who are on their way to tying the knot, congratulations are in order!

Now that the two of you have decided that you want to face the rest of your lives together, it’s time for you both to sit down and discuss how you are going to handle the wedding and what kind of budget you want to have for your big day.

In an article appearing on the Yahoo! Finance page, wedding planner Deborah DeFrancesco suggests that couples really consider what they can afford to spend on their wedding and hopefully go into as little debt as possible. Here are just some of the tips she offers to help avoid going into debt when planning your wedding.

    • Determine Your Budget: This means determining a set amount that the two of you can afford. DeFrancesco has seen couples max out credit cards and borrow money from family members. It’s a good idea to consider that if you and your spouse are considering buying a home or having children in the next 5 -10 years, those may be more of a priority than having a big wedding soiree.
    • Keep the Guest List Reasonable: If you think of each person you invite to the wedding in terms of each person representing a certain dollar amount to be spent on the wedding, doing the math may be enough reason to consider who you should invite. Stick to the number of guests within your budget to help keep costs down.
    • A Wedding Planner Can Be a Real Help: Having someone else stand beside you and help you work through what it is you need to do before the wedding as well as helping you stick to your budget can be a godsend. DeFrancesco suggests hiring a professional wedding planner for the month-of to assist you in tying up loose ends and letting you focus on the big day.





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