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Including Your Pet At Your Wedding

Now more than ever, pets are being considered as members of the family. As such, it seems only natural that more couples are choosing to include their canine friends in their weddings.

Even with this ever-broadening trend to incorporate pets into a marriage ceremony, according to an article appearing in Parade magazine, there are a few things couples may want to consider before letting their pet or comfort animal be a part of their nuptials.

  • Not all places are pet-friendly. Call ahead in order to ensure that wherever you are planning to holds your wedding ceremony or reception allows pets.
  • How is your pet or service animal around other people? Be sure about how much external stimulus they can stand and for how long.
  • Be sure to exercise your dog before the main event.
  • Rehearse a few times walking down an aisle of chairs or at the venue so that they are surer of the routine.
  • Stuff happens. Dogs bark and have accidents. Be prepared.

Other things to keep in mind is to make sure that any plants, flowers, or other items are pet-safe. You might want to have canine-themed save the date cards or other design elements to let guests know how you feel about your furred family member.

Even when you want to share the day as a family, it may end up being easier both you and your pet if you limit their attendance to the reception. There is no reason for your dog to feel left out. Even when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wed earlier this summer, her dog Guy was not at the wedding ceremony but he definitely made a special and much lauded appearance at the reception. It is important to make sure that your special four legged guy is comfortable so that they are able to enjoy the day, too.


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