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Steampunk Flourishes Appearing In Weddings

Somewhere between rustic and steampunk trends in wedding décor and fashion lies the wedding industry’s latest trend toward repurposed postmodernism.  Industrial weddings often make of use décor elements such as corrugated tin roofing tin various states of repair, exposed metal beams and brickwork and stripped or distressed furnishings. All ceremonial and reception accessories are chosen purely for their functionality and contain little if any flourishes of detail.

As unassuming and as uncontrived as this look appears to be on the surface, according to an article appearing in Town and Country Magazine online, pulling off this kind of décor effectively so that the two people at the center are the focus can be a delicate balance. When it works, the look is filled with unpretentious, classic lines; when it doesn’t work, however, going overboard with industrial touches can end up feeling too cold and impersonal.

Here are some suggestions if you want to capture the industrial look for your wedding or reception.

  • Edison Bulbs – Whether these types of lighting elements are used in strings of exposed bulbs which are often sold as patio décor or as a part of formal light fixtures, the look is pure industrial.

  • Beauty in the Rough – The industrial look is all about large spaces that are mostly empty. Unused warehouse or factory space with lots of exposed brick concrete or riveted metal support beams and trusses all lend themselves to an industrial feel. Well-worn wooden or concrete floors that show a patina of age and experience.  

  • Unpretentious Touches – Floral bouquets that are informal, varied and look like they might have been picked from an empty lot next to the venue can lend themselves beautifully to an Industrial wedding. Deposit these into large, clear, institutional sized jars to hold them and it can appear as elegant as any more formal floral arrangement. Use plain flatware and dinnerware with linens that can be dressed up or down.
  • The Industrial Bride – In a recent issue of Brides Magazine, Jennifer Trotter of Lip Service Makeup suggests industrially oriented brides may consider wearing soft and smoky gunmetal gray eye makeup paired with burgundy and browns. Lips can be dramatically dark or lightened to set off other highlighting colors. Just be sure to mix them well to avoid any harsh lines. The perfect hairstyle to complete the look might be an upswept chignon or braid to give a feeling of softness. 


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