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Using Crystals In Your Wedding

People have loved rocks and minerals since the beginning of time. Their different colors, textures, patterns, and properties are fascinating for young and old alike. That’s why no one should be surprised at the unusual wedding trends that put our world’s geological treasures front and center.

In an article appearing on the Refinery 29 website, one of the big trends a couple of years ago was the geode wedding cake. Brides chose to have cakes made to look like geodes with amethyst, turquoise or even citrine geodes, created with edible gold leaf, icing and rock candy. While the trend may not be as popular today, couples to be are still able to incorporate their love of stones by offering them as thank you gifts to their wedding parties and as place cards holders at the reception or as favors for wedding guests.

Far beyond the diamond that you usually find a wedding, there are lots of other stones that can be quite appropriate to include in your ceremony or reception. You can usually find these at rock and mineral shops, shows or even from online suppliers. Here are just a few to think about for your own wedding day.


  • Rose Quartz – This particular pink crystal is associated with love more than any other. Rose quartz is very effective in helping balance male and female energies and is especially useful in inspiring self-love and love for others. That can go a long way to inspire calm and soothe jangled nerves on your big day!
  • Celestite – This light blue crystal actually comes from a geode. Celestite is excellent in promoting communication and can help with articulate verbalization and assist in attaining what you desire most.
  • Citrine – This crystal is associated with all forms of good fortune both at home and in business. Most often referred to as the “Merchant Stone”, business owners are encouraged to keep a piece of citrine on or inside a cash register or in their office. According to “Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals” by geologist, Melody, citrine not only helps to attract wealth, but it can also help to keep it, too.
  • Amethyst – This February birthstone is deep purple quartz that is also found inside of geodes. Amethyst inspires contentment, stability, strength, and inspiration on every level.




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