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Advice For Saving Money For Weddings By Dave Ramsey

A wedding is one of the biggest events a person marks in their life. That big event can often come with a very hefty price tag attached to it. Being able to get married and start their new lives together should be about the two people making a lifelong commitment to each other.

In a recent article which appeared on the KTAR News website financial and anti-debt guru, Dave Ramsey offers advice to a soon-to-be bride, Brooklyn about how she can do it without incurring a lot of debt. He suggests making a budget and sticking to it.

“Lots of people have beautiful ceremonies, and even small receptions, for well under $1,000,” Ramsey wrote.

Ramsey suggests that in foregoing wedding gown that costs thousands of dollars that you will only wear for a few hours on one day of your life, or opting to hold your wedding at the family home or that of a friend rather than at an expensive venue, can be a much better, lower cost option.

Some couples do understand that the debt they rack up for their ‘Big Day’ will more than likely haunt them for many months or sometimes even years to come. By keeping their wedding expenditures within their budget newlyweds can begin their new lives together without wedding debt hanging over their heads. They will be better able to afford more important big-ticket expenditures such as purchasing a home or deciding to have children.

Small can definitely be beautiful, and by having less debt to worry or fight over means that they can focus on the lives they have built together and the wonderful memories that they share.


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