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Attending Someone Else’s Wedding Getting More Expensive?

Everyone talks about the high price of weddings. There’s so much to not only plan but also to budget for when you and your intended are the ones walking down the aisle. Nearly every couple planning a wedding wants it to be an event to remember not only for themselves but also for those family and friends who are in attendance. What many who are either getting married or those planning to attend don’t take into account is that there can be a bit of a high price tag to pay just for being invited to the wedding, too.

In a story appearing on Refinery29.com, according to a Credit Karma survey, 20% of millennials indicate that the cost of attending someone else’s wedding can mean spending over $1,000.

What has them spending so much? There is the perpetual fear of missing out by some that may even cause them to put such expenditures on plastic and paying it off with interest over time. With costs of what to wear, transportation and hotel as well as a gift, it can end up being a steep price.

The article’s author, Anabel Pasarow, suggests, determine how many weddings you plan to attend during the season then determine how much to expect to spend during that time. The key is to budget for them as much as possible, especially if you have more than just a few to go to in any given season. Is it really worth going into debt for? Of the ten women interviewed for the article, only two out of the ten put such expenses on plastic or carried a balance on their credit card if they didn’t expect to pay off those expenditures by the end of the month.


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