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Just What The Bride Ordered

Almost any venue can be transformed into a beautiful wedding ballroom. This example is no different. We created a beautiful ballroom from a church gymnasium.

 The gym walls were draped with gorgeous fabric and then we selectively placed lighting throughout the ceiling.  The bride and groom ask that we create a 150’long x 10’ wide white carpet walkway from the entrance of the gym to the main stage which we were happy to accommodate. Then we added a special touch by creating a shadow box draping around the main stage to bring attention to the bridal party.

 Due to the size of the gym, the bride requested the 16’ x16’ dance floor be placed in the center of the room. Keep in mind this was a Christian wedding, so the only dance was the bride and groom’s first dance.

 There were four chandeliers meticulously hung in each corner over the buffet tables and an additional four hung over the center of the dance floor at varying heights to create that special ambiance that the couple requested.

 Knowing how to make ideas come to life plays a big part in making a brides wedding day come off just as she envisioned it to be…and much more. A bride’s ideas are so important to capture and understand – only a few professionals know how to do this and carry out the vision to reality.

Brides are looking for and wanting fresh ideas. Creative Weddings require years of industry insight and experience – seeing where the industry has been and where it is going. Our extensive background in the arts allows us to create outside the box while keeping simple traditions in mind.The dream day she has imagined for many years will come true! If you are looking to make your dream wedding a reality call 770-558-1300 or complete our contact us form. We specialize in making dreams come true!

We welcome you to take a look at some of the before and after photos below.


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