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One Of a Kind Rustic Wedding

We are masters of a “tent wedding”.  And we proved that again when a family came to us with an idea of having a wedding on a gorgeous piece of property they had. We started with an empty piece of breathtaking property surrounded by pecan trees.

No, we didn’t start with the church – we started with the tent. A beautiful, elegant tent was designed for their wedding and then a church façade was added to the front of the tent. It was a rustic, little church that matched the property and the style of the wedding. Everything fit together like a glove and no one knew which came first – the church or the tent.

The church was built from old barnwood from around the country. They brought in trees and landscaping that were later reused around the property. This couple’s dream wedding started with an idea that we brought to life with a few swans added for good measure (see last photo).

If you have an idea for a wedding, please contact Geri Sims. We love taking wedding ideas and dreams and making them reality. For this couple it definitely was a dream come true wedding.

The church/tent structure was constructed to be used as the wedding ceremony location on private property. As you can see the back of the structure is a white tent with sidewalls in burlap. The front of the structure was made to look like an old rustic church in the woods. The wood and tin that made up this beautiful church like building was constructed from many old barns from around the country.

The landscape used was kept in its original containers for the wedding and used throughout the property after the wedding. A nice way to have a beautiful life-like custom garden.

The back of the tent was constructed out of windows and wood with a cross above.

And this is the finished look…


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