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Elegant, Custom Tent for Your Wedding

Looking for that once in a lifetime, dream wedding? Well, a tent can be an exquisite venue for a wedding.

Most brides choose a Tent Wedding because either their backyards are large enough to accommodate such their wedding, the time of year allows for an outdoor wedding, or she could have just not found the right venue to house her guests comfortably. No matter what the reason, we can make a Tent Wedding an elegant affair that will be envied by your guests. And we have mastered the “tent wedding”.

A beautiful example of a tent we used for a wedding ceremony is below. The family asked that we keep the location and families’ name private. Our team of true professionals worked over 2 months to create a once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

Most brides do not think of what happens to all of the framing that is visible with the tents. All tents have metal frame work that provide the structure of the tent, but are not pleasant to look at – something most brides did not envision in their idea of an elegant wedding day. We custom design tent liners to hide all the framing work which create the structure of a tent. We then add chandeliers, iridescent beading, floral or lanterns to create the bride’s theme. Lighting and accent color will play an important role in creating the style. Overall, you will not find many companies with the knowledge and expertise to create such a fabulous look in a tent.

Mother nature took its toll! Most brides and wedding planners rely on us to make sure the schedule is met, and we allow for mother nature. In this case, several strong storms caused the ceiling to come apart. But our team jumped in and kept the schedule and put everything back in place.

Once completed the tent became a wedding haven. The ceremony was beautiful, the drapes were stunning, and the guests were blown away as they didn’t even realize they were in a tent.

If you are in the planning stages of a wedding please contact Geri Sims at 404-558-1300 or complete our Contact Us form. Our team of professionals has mastered the art of creating and designing an unforgettable wedding that will meet your specific needs.


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