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A Timeless Tent Wedding

A tent wedding come in a variety of sizes. The example below is a very large tent wedding that was designed with the assistance of an interior decorator to showcase the bride and groom’s personal style. The room was the size of a football field. The tent was nestled in between two buildings which are an upscale barn for polo horses. It was quite a notch above most stables! The room held about 800 people with seating designed for about 300. The goal was to allow for an intermingling of family and friends. This was achieved by having enough seating for people that wished to sit and eat, a dance floor, food stations, and lounge staging spaces.  Most didn’t even realize they were in a tent!

The ceiling on the tent was very unique and had a timeless style to it. The ceiling was not completely covered but the natural elegance of it was allowed to show through. The hardware and other accessories were still kept from view. The Chandeliers were even later repurposed in a hunting lodge.

This was the beginning of a huge tent wedding. This tent was 200’ long x 60’ wide. We were asked to only cover the frame of the tent. The center reach to the ceiling was well over 26’. The floors were constructed using 2 x 4s, which allowed us to drive over the flooring using heavy lifts. The entire ceiling took 14 hours to hang.

As you can tell, we have mastered the art of the tent wedding.

Geri loves the challenge of creating a look from the ground up, especially something as elegant as a Tent Wedding. Some of our best work has been in creating tent wedding. We can take the vision or bride’s dream wedding and make it a reality.

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