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What To Buy After A Wedding


Most couples sign up on gift registries in order to give friends and family gift ideas.  Of course, even with the best intentions, gifts may not cover everything a newlywed couple wants or needs. Beyond the usual requests for small appliances, pieces of china, glassware, or other similar household needs – there are things that couples are looking for to make their new house or apartment truly their own.

A recent article on the Brides Magazine website reveals several of the most popular items that couples purchase for themselves after the wedding.

    • Tools and Home Improvement Items – Believe it or not, couples can register for tools and hardware as part of the wedding registry just as easily as for domestic household items.


  • Lighting – One of the key elements that can change the overall look and feel of a room is lighting. Why not add motion detecting, under cabinet lighting to illuminate every corner of your kitchen? It will make the whole space brighter and may even make you feel spending more time together and trying out new tastes in your new home. According to Wayfair registry, something as simple as adding a floor lamp, table lamp, changing out a pendant light or chandelier can give couples a whole new look to a room and let it shine like their love.


  • Plants –



For more ideas and a rundown on what couples most often purchase on their own after the wedding registry, check out the rest of the article on the Brides website.


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