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Ceiling Décor
Our ceiling Décor is what sets us aside from all the others. Wither you want us to recreate a picture you have or we create an idea from the beginning, the outcome will always get a WOW from all who see it.
Most of our ceiling designs consist of lightweight fabrics with accents of chandeliers, floral or custom lighting. From covering the entire ceiling with white sheer to accenting the dance floor ceiling, we have the vision to create any combination you might wish to see.
Ceiling Decor Image
We offer 4 different looks most of the time in ceiling Décor.
  • Creating a star making sure to cover the entire ceiling. This requires more fabric than any of the other designs.
  • Taking the fabrics from one end of the room to the other end creating a more solid look. This is our simple approach to a clean look.
  • More of a May Pole design with separate pieces of fabric creating the star design without a solid approach. This look is usually combined with mini lights, chandeliers or beading. It seems to be the most popular.
  • All the ideas from a client’s vision to previously viewed ideas. This can range from a dance floor covered if chandeliers hung at different heights, to a vision of a moonlit starry night, to our vision of a themed event coming to life from the ceiling down.
We always get this applause when the guests notice the ceiling first when they walk into a room. This is where the first WOW always comes.

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