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Product Launch

Product Launch
Corporate Launch ImageMost Product Launches that we are involved with are on a grand scale. We specialize in everything from a simple backdrop to make the product stand out to grand Kabuki Drops, where a light weight fabric is dropped from the ceiling down to the floor revealing a new product. Most companies want these fabric walls to fall from a height of 20′ or greater for dramatic effect. This is something that few companies can grasp and we do it well.

When it comes to product reveals, we do it BIG. One of our largest and most challenging reveals was revealing a log cabin in Great Smoky Mountains National Park which was further complicated by a major rain storm – we still pulled off a spectacular reveal.

Our backdrops can go as high as requested. This allows us to be as creative as the client wishes to take it. With everything from confetti falling from high above to flashing lights to oversized corporate 3D logos to the elegance of iridescent beading and chandeliers, we take backdrops seriously and to the next level.

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