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Gallery Test Page – Ethnic

We are able to combine a bride’s modern ideas of her ceremony with the traditional aspects of her Wedding. We have gained the respect of communities and families by working closely with venues to infuse these fresh elements while maintaining those traditions. With respect comes understanding. Once you have these two elements, creative minds can make everyone happy.The most challenging Ethnic Wedding is the Fusion Wedding – combining two different sets of traditions into one beautiful ceremony – I do this very well. Past and present ideas are brought to the table for the families to discuss and agree on. Some of my best weddings are those that require respecting traditions, while capturing a different and creative approach to the ceremony.

Ethnic Weddings require a delicate balance which takes time and patience to ensure the cultures are respected. Our new ideas stay close to family traditions while bringing in a fresh style into their special day so as to give these new couples the wedding they dreamed of.

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