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What goes into a Wedding Cake?

One important part of any wedding is the cake. While sharing food has been part of weddings for centuries, the traditional three-tiered wedding cake is relatively recent invention of the 1800s. But now it’s an almost indispensable part of wedding décor.

How do you choose a good cake that will be remembered? There is more to it than just the look. An interview on CNN with the designer of Kate Moss’ wedding cake spills some of the details. The designer, Peggy Porschen, offered these seven tips to making an excellent wedding cake:

1. Never skimp on quality ingredients, especially butter.

2. Study the craft by watching other masters make their cakes.

3. Use quality equipment to make your cake.

4. If you’re going to make your own, start with something small that you like to eat and work up.

5. Don’t underestimate any ingredient. Each one has a purpose.

6. Be paitent and go slow.

7. Always measure your ingredients.

Every part of your wedding should fit together as a whole to make a magical experience that will last a lifetime. Why can’t your cake match your flowers and your ceiling drapes? Geri Sims is ready to help you make the perfect décor for your wedding day, no matter what style of wedding you want. Contact her to make your wedding magical.


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