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More Wedding Trends to Look Forward To

Believe it or not, winter seems to be the time when couples begin to think about planning their wedding. It could be the winter chill or even Valentine’s Day that inspires them to think about their love and making a commitment for the rest of their lives.

The Carroll County Times recently interviewed three wedding consultants about the biggest trends for this year and what might be an enduring trend for weddings in the future.

The biggest driver seems to be the ever-increasing influence of social media. According to Marcie Lenick, owner of Celebrating Love in Westminster, Maryland, couples are now more involved than ever before. Couples can create a truly one-of-a-kind event, however, Lenick believes that websites such as Pinterest can be an inspiration, but after a while, many of the ideas can get a little redundant. If a couple wants a truly unique experience that reflects who they are and their unique tastes and personalities, they need to incorporate their own style into the event.

Photographer Kimberly Brooke, owner of Kimberly Brooke Photography, agrees about the influence of social media such as Facebook and Pinterest and suggests that the customization of colors and design elements and other unique features that focus on what is important to the two people taking their vows on their wedding day.

For some couples, incorporating significant religious elements into their ceremonies is a way to honor their religious heritage as well as their commitment to each other. One such trend is that of foot washing among Christian couples. Brooke says that this public demonstration before witnesses can be a very moving and significant experience.

One of the very good things that social media can do for couples who are beginning to plan their weddings is to offer a venue for small businesses such as DJ Santana Hahn. It was through his page on Facebook that he was able to get his very first booking. Hahn finds that the people he talks to who are interested in the services he offers are savvy and better educated. Communications are much faster in the past, so they want things quickly and are probably going to want any content sent to them viewable on their smartphone or other mobile device.

While many couples and their families imagine they can do it all themselves. For these Maryland business owners, being on social media means that potential customers can find them and they can reach back in almost real time. Being able to rely on the expertise of an experienced professional can make for a wedding that is more stress-free. For professional photographers, DJ’s, wedding professionals and other small businesses that cater to weddings, the ability to be reached by social media and communicate ideas can be a great benefit to both the professional and someone wanting to engage their services.

Of course, you want your wedding to go perfectly. No one wants their dream wedding to look like someone else’s or be riddled with problems. Working with a professional Wedding Planner can help make sure that everything goes exactly the way you want it to. Geri Sims has been planning weddings and other private and corporate events for more than 20 years and can help you plan your wedding the way that you want it. By using dramatic drapery uplighting, beading and other props, Geri can help you create a special event like no one else’s.

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