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Wedding Photography Shot Entirely on an iPhone?

Capturing the magic and memorable moments of your wedding or special event is important. Every photographer who has ever photographed a wedding has their own favorites on how to best document it on film.

For award winning Israeli photographer Sephi Bergerson, getting it just right is important. Recently he shot and edited an entire wedding with an iPhone 6 Plus and got some very impressive results.

“It has been a dream of mine for a long time, to shoot a complete Indian wedding only on the iPhone”, said Bergerson.

For Bergerson, previous iPhone models had some technological limitations, but the biggest challenge was to find a couple who would agree to let him shoot their wedding in such a way.” He is quick to give a great deal of credit to Ayushi and Abhishek for trusting him with the task. “Certainly not something I can take for granted!” he said.

The wedding took place in Udaipur over a period of three days near the end of November. “I have covered many weddings in Udaipur before, but have never seen the place so beautifully decorated. It was such a pleasure taking pictures when everything, and everyone, looking so gorgeous.”

One of the things that Bergerson likes best about using his iPhone versus other professional cameras that he has at his disposal is the ability to have eye contact with the subject in the photograph.

With the iPhone Bergerson could process it on the fly and share the images immediately with the bridal party. The entire feel of the process was almost photojournalistic in nature. While the daylight photographs came out splendidly, there a few challenges with low light nighttime photography using just the iPhone. Even so, the pictures had less motion blur such as when wedding guests were on the lighted dance floor and they did come out even better than those that were taken on a DSLR camera.

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