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Wedding Hashtags All the Rage with Millennials

The so-called millennial generation has reached an age where they’re getting married. When they do choose to tie the knot, you can bet that it will be well-publicized across social media. Whether the bulk of posts regarding such a life-changing event in their lives are broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform, you can bet that there will be a hashtag attached to it.  One Los Angeles-based magazine editor has seen this social media trend and has decided to cash in on it.

For Los Angeles-based magazine editor, Marielle Wakim, weddings are a thing. In the last two years she’s attended 19 ceremonies and receptions. In that time she has seen young couples make use of the hashtag for their weddings in order to keep friends and family updated on their special day.

Hashtags began on Twitter as a way to reference a topic. Hashtags usually consist of a short phrase or keywords preceded by a #-sign. For many of these young social media conscious couples, their choice of words making up a hashtag can be a combination of their name or refers to how they met.  Take a look at the wedding invitations, wedding websites and even napkins and you will likely find a hashtag on it.

When several of Wakim’s friends were soon to be married and were looking to come up with a clever hashtag for their Instagram posts, she knew that it might be something others would be willing to pay for.

Enter Wakim’s brainchild, “Happily Ever #Hashtagged,”  She offers a few package deals with various prices. The simplest hashtag package that she offers costs approximately $40 dollars.  For $115, Wakim offers couples a total of three options for their hashtag along two additional hashtags to cover any bachelor or bachelorette parties.

In an interview with Mashable, Wakim indicated that couples look to her to come up with hashtags that are cleverer. For them, it’s a better option than getting a generic one through one of the “free” wedding hashtag generators they can find online or one they may have thought up themselves.

To give couples more clever and catchy possibilities, she has them complete a survey that include their names, nicknames, backstories and details about their upcoming nuptials to help her give them the special and unique combination they are paying her for.

One such example is for a couple with the last name of Ferris, a proposal that happened on a Ferris wheel and the décor of the upcoming wedding.  Wakim came up with #WheelyInLove, for their unique hashtag.

Wedding hashtags have become a big deal because weddings are followed on social media more than ever before. Today’s couples want their wedding to reflect who they are by incorporating their personalities into their special day.  At Atlanta Wedding Décor, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind event.

We specialize in creative weddings, staging and tent decor, drapery and uplighting that can bring life to your wedding.

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