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Wedding Essentials Ideas Show Reveals Latest Trends

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean embracing a backwoods country or homemade feel. Simplicity, especially when planning a wedding can mean having simple, chic, yet elegant details. Today’s couples are finding that they are able to get away from the more stuffy traditions and make something entirely different that fits in with who they are.

At a recent Wedding Essentials Idea Show held in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where approximately 100 wedding professionals are expected to attend, the emphasis will be on the hottest trends in the world of weddings.

Here are some of the hottest trends that will be showcased for those in attendance.

The power of gold

Gold is back in a big way.  No matter what shade or polish on it, matte, rose, burnished or gilt, having the sparkle of gold gives a certain sense of luxury. Even in small touches, a little bit can give a real sense of sophisticated opulence to any wedding

According to Brett Foster, lead designer for Wowfactore, an event design firm. It’s the warmth of gold that has moved aside the recent rustic look.  Wedding décor ideas would be to incorporate the glint of gold on crystal or on leaves woven into ceremonial arbors, paired with deep hues that are complimentary instead of lace which can give gold an austerity.  The deeper hues are more masculine and making it more about two people coming together.

Today’s wedding trends

Wedding florals are not what they used to be. In the place of large bouquets, the biggest shift is away from elaborate configurations of blossoms and toward greens. Succulents as well as eucalyptus leaves, ferns, sprigs of spruce and other greenery are working their way from bridal bouquets to table and arbor arrangements.

Along with fantasies of gold and green is the trend in up lighting coupled with dramatic fabric drapery from the ceiling to create a tented look accented with colored LED’s.

As couples have become more health conscious, many of the over-frosted confections have been replaced by naked cakes. The size of the cakes haven’t changed but how they are topped definitely has been going more toward fruit and a light glaze drizzled over the cake to give them a lighter, yet more sophisticated air.

You know what you wedding to look like. Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor has the experience of creating one-of-a-kind events for weddings and other special occasions. She can help you, too.

Whether you are thinking of a traditional or ethnic wedding or something completely your own, Geri can help turn those dreams into a reality. Contact her today to schedule an appointment to discuss your wedding or other special event at 404-558-1300.


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