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A Wedding Disaster on a Ship!

For thousands of years, humans have had a relationship with the water and been enthralled by water-going vessels, so it is no wonder that some couples opt to hold their wedding reception on board a ship.  It’s a romantic way to share that special day with family and friends.

For one Boston couple, however, their life together got off to a bit of a rocky start when their ship, The Majesty, owned by Boston Harbor Cruises ran aground just off Georges Island in Boston Harbor on Sunday.

According to the cruise line, there were 152 people on board the Majesty at the time the vessel inexplicably ran aground.  Of those on board, 137 were passengers.  Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.   Thankfully, the passengers were transferred to another vessel, the Asteria.

No matter where or what type of wedding reception you are planning, everyone wants to make certain that their event is special and one-of-a-kind.  Working with a wedding planner can help you do that – and can help you make contingency plans on the off chance that anything goes awry on your special day.

To help your wedding reception be a standout event for celebrating your lives together, let Geri Simms of Atlanta Wedding Décor help you plan your wedding reception.    Geri has many years of experience and specializes in wedding event lighting and drapery –whether you choose to host your event on land or on board a ship. Geri can weave pure magic.  Contact her today to make an appointment to discuss your wedding reception plans today.


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