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Vintage Weddings Popular Among The Young

Today’s couples are beginning to show a taste for nostalgia.  As the saying goes, everything old is new again.  Brides who want to have a classic yet unique look are finding it in vintage or retro-inspired wedding gowns, wedding rings and bridal suites and décor.  Whether a bride has a love of all things Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or the golden era of the 1940’s and 1950’s, there are endless eras and looks to choose from.

According to Tumblr blogger Jasmin at Vintage Vandalizm, the best way to start planning for a vintage-styled wedding is to choose your era.  Consider the types of clothing, books, and movies that fascinate you and go from there.  Wouldn’t it be dreamy to be saying your vows while wearing your grandmother’s Jazz Era wedding gown and veil with both you and your beloved looking like you stepped out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel or the set of Downton Abbey?

Say, ‘Yes’ to the Vintage Dress – Popular wedding gown styles include those of the Victorian styles of the late 1800’s into the Edwardian styles of the early 1900’s.  Of course, the style of the roaring 20’s also seems to never go out of style and are constantly making their appearance in the most popular wedding magazines. Some brides have created an entirely unique look by taking Victorian styles and adding elements that look as if they came out of the era of the fledgling Industrial Revolution or were inspired by the works of Jules Verne to create a Steam Punk look.

Whatever era you decide on, you can create a vintage look on any budget.  There are wonderful copies of vintage costume jewelry, or you may luck out and have a grandmother who will let you raid her jewelry box for your special day.  Necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry can be worked into hair or accent pieces on wedding gowns to create a totally unique yet classic look.

Vintage Wedding Décor

Wedding receptions and dinners are the perfect places to pull out all of the stops and set a table that looks truly extravagant. If your mother, grandmother or other relative has some vintage china and crystal, with the right centerpieces and floral arrangements, it can take you and your guests back to a bygone era. It doesn’t matter if all of the pieces match or not. Having mismatched bits of china, crystal and silverware can give just the BoHo type of atmosphere that remains popular with couples today.

Getting to the Church on Time and In Style!  

What vintage wedding would be complete without arriving in a vintage car or a horse-drawn carriage?  A bride can truly feel like a queen for a day when arriving and setting out after the ceremony.

Depending on your location, you can usually find service providers for just the kind of vehicle you want to arrive and depart in on your big day.  Limousine companies often feature vintage vehicles from the turn of the century through the 1950’s or 60’s  for couples to get to and from the wedding ceremony, to the wedding reception or in going away on their honeymoon to begin their new life together.

Have you been dreaming of having a vintage wedding of your own?  No matter what era you find the most romantic or the vintage look you want to create, Geri Sims at Atlanta Wedding Décor can help you achieve it!

Geri Sims has been planning weddings and other events for more than two decades, she can help you to plan your wedding ceremony, reception or other event by making use of dramatic fabric draping, uplighting and props to create the perfect fantasy for any occasion.

Contact Geri to schedule an appointment and let her help you plan your wedding or special event. Call today at (404)558-1300.


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