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Unity Candles in Weddings

For centuries, candles have been used not only for lighting but for creating an atmosphere and ambiance. The candle has symbolism and attached to it. It can signify hope, love, and unity and they hold a clear and distinct spiritual message all their own that connects us as people to the Divine.

Candles are often used in wedding situations. Of course, they are most effective and make the most impact when the space is dimly lit. Many couples are opting for the powerful symbolism of the unity candle. Even though it is often used in a church, or synagogue setting, its significance is not necessarily religious in nature.

The origins of the unity candle as begun between 30 and 40 years ago and not just for weddings. Some candle producers decided to make the idea of unity candles available in set of three and helped to increase their popularity in the wedding marketplace. Of course, buying a specially made set is not necessary. All that is needed are two tapers and a pillar candle. These can be decorated and customized in order to fit in with your wedding decor.

Couples can write their own candle ritual into their wedding ceremony. The core of the ritual is that each partner lights their candle and then in turn they both light the center wedding or unity candle to signify their coming together and becoming brighter in their unification.

Other variations on this theme may to have parents or children light the taper candle to hand to their child and then in turn light the pillar candle. There are many different ways this can be done.

In a recent article in the Pocono Record by certified Life Cycle Celebrant, Lois Heckman says that she is not particularly a fan of the idea of two people merging into one with the unity candle ritual because, “ ….in marriage we do no give up our identity, so I ask the couple not blow out their individual candles, but to only bring the two candles together to light the third.”

She went on to say that in those times in life where couples may lose their way, they can take time to light a candle together and remember their special day. It can be an affirmation at a time long after the marriage ceremony is over.

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