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Turning Trash into Fabric?

Trash, on a worldwide scale, is a serious problem.  In countries such as Egypt, trash has piled up even in the streets of Cairo – and not just in poorer neighborhoods. Even more well-to-do Cairenes have seen the problem only increase. So two insipring pioneers found something to do about it. Mariam Hazem and Hend Riad came up with a new way to recycle plastic bags into useful items such as fabric for chairs, stools and bags.

Around the world, much of the garbage that ends up in landfills are the seemingly endless supply of plastic bags. This modern trash problem has become so great that an estimated 1 million bags are used every minute and it is estimated that they’ll last 500 years in landfills.

The designers came up with a process where the bags are sterilized, cut into strips, and then threaded through a hand loom for weaving. The newly constructed product is called Plastex which consists of 67 percent of the recycled plastic bags, and 33 percent recycled cotton.  Hazem and Riad were able to connect to weavers in Cairo to work for them to being production. They also train others in the city that needs work by teaching them the process. The two are determined to turn the repurposed trash into something useful and help their own community in the process.

The trend toward repurposing and recycling is growing and it’s found its way into the wedding plans of today’s brides as well. Whether it is making use of plastic bags for fabric, or centerpieces, brides want to make a difference in the world in their way.

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