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What are the Trends in Wedding Cake?

One of the truly memorable parts of any wedding is that of the wedding cake.  Cakes have gotten a whole lot more creative today and both brides and grooms are giving their input on what they want their wedding cake to look like.

In a recent article that appeared in News Press Now, Vincent Daunay, who along with his wife, Julie Gray owns the Brioche French Bakery and Café, notes that along with the design, flavors have also changed.

“The wedding design business has gotten a bit more interesting, yet challenging,” Daunay says. “The main reason things are changing is because of social media. People have so much access to different styles.”

Because of sites such as Facebook and Pinterest, for example, Daunay believes that couples are exposed to an endless array of different designs. Once they see something they like, replicating it becomes easy.

“We have to be able to replicate the work of some of the best bakers in the world,” Daunay says “That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited.”

Many couples have a theme running through their wedding and reception, now it is easier than ever to carry those elements over to the wedding cake. Couples have chosen to include elements such as hombre’ colors, complex cake designs that look like intricate metallic embroidery or sculptures in buttercream as well as more simplified choices that use a minimum of icing have all gained popularity.  For couples choosing a spring or summer wedding, so-called “naked” cakes embellished with berries or the lightest veil of sugar glazing can be refreshingly light, beautiful and memorable.

You don’t have to go with the traditional shapes, either. You can have multiple tiers or even multiple cakes. Having multiple cakes can allow guests to try different flavors as well as being a way to display your wedding theme in a new and interesting way. Whether you choose a traditional, a complex or a homespun type of cake, working closely with your baker can help you make your wedding cake into something truly unique.

Every bride and groom want their wedding to truly reflect who they are.  Every element from the theme, the wedding dress and the ambiance of the reception should reflect the unique personalities of the two people who are choosing to spend their lives together on their special day. This is one thing that Geri Sims of Atlanta Wedding Décor completely understands.  Geri had been helping couples to plan wedding ceremonies, receptions as well as other types of special events in the Atlanta area for more than two decades. Why not give Geri a call today and discuss your own wedding plans with her?

Geri Sims can help you arrange your wedding, wedding reception or other special event. Whether it’s you want a traditional or ethnic wedding, a convention event, or any type of party, Geri can help. Make yours a one of a kind event through letting her work her magic through the use of spectacular draping and event lighting.

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