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Tips for Saving on Wedding Costs

Nothing can be more exciting than the decision of two people to get married.  Of course, there’s so much to do and to plan for before the big day arrives. Of course, by now you might have come to the realization that getting married can come with a pretty hefty price tag.  

Last year (2016), both the Wall Street Journal and The Knot reported that the average cost of a wedding in the United States had reached a record high of more than $35,000!  No matter where you live, when you are thinking about starting your life together, facing that kind of debt can actually slow couples down in the long run.

According to a recent article by Brianna McGurran in App.com’s NerdWallet, there are a number of ways to trim the cost of getting married by considering a few things in advance.  One of the first things for couples to consider is their actual budget. 

Having That Dreaded Money Conversation

Two people who intend to spend the rest of their lives together really should take the time to have a frank and honest discussion about monetary issues.  Both partners would do well to check with their current employer in order to determine if there are any benefits available to employees who are soon to be married.  Often companies will offer incentives for their workers in either a lump sum or matching funds for their 401(k) to act as a fund in case of emergencies.

Each partner should consider their current debt load and be on time with credit card payments. If you’re planning on getting married in 12 months and both of you can commit to $100 each for that period of time, you will end up having $2,400 toward making a dent in the cost of your wedding.

Further savings can be had by taking other steps such as:

  • Inviting fewer guests
  • Shopping sales & venues that are off the beaten path
  • Hold your wedding in a venue such as a state park or at a family farm
  • Having a civil ceremony & saving the celebrations for the reception
  • DIY much of the wedding yourself & with the help of family

Take the time to brainstorm between yourselves or with family and friends to come up with other ways that you can bring down the cost of your wedding. You may find that you not only save time and money but by involving your loved ones in your wedding plans, it can make the day even more special for everyone.

Planning a wedding can be hectic and expensive.  Why not enlist the help of a professional wedding planner?  A wedding planner can help you save both time and money.   The wedding professionals at Atlanta Wedding Décor will be there help you put together a wedding to remember and help you stay within your budget.  Contact Geri Sims today to go over your wedding plans with you. Call today!



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