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Themed Weddings Making a Comeback

Traditional weddings won’t be going out of style anytime soon. But lately there’s a continuing trend that has many brides, grooms and wedding planning professionals sitting up and taking note.

With many wedding trends going further into what makes each person of a couple getting married unique, quite a few are looking at history and longing to incorporate them into their own special day.

For some brides it could be Victorian and Edwardian attire that send their hearts aflutter. With the popularity of shows like Downton Abbey, for example, the “S” shaped silhouettes, masses of lace, pearl buttons and exquisite beadwork embellishment period wedding gowns has met with a great deal of newfound enthusiasm.

In a recent article that appeared on the Host Madison website, Raven Albrecht, owner of Ravenworks Historical Clothing, the trend has been increasing every year. “This isn’t a wedding shop by any means,” Albrecht said, “but it’s popular enough and becoming more so.” Albrecht said that she currently is doing between 10 or 12 weddings each year now.

For bride, Angela Rivera, of Milwaukee, nothing but a Victorian-style wedding would do. Her wedding colors were purple and black for both the ceremony and the reception. Albrecht additionally designed the groom, William Michael Alexander’s attire as well as that of their intimate wedding party.

Surprisingly, it was after Rivera had attended a wedding themed on the Renaissance that she was inspired to do her own wedding in a time and style that she found appealing. With her theme colors in mind and Raven’s help, her very own wedding style was born.

The groom was a bit doubtful about the prospect and needed a bit of convincing. Rivera told him to go see Raven and together they put together a suit that he fell in love with. Afterward Rivera said that William was “like a prancing peacock.”

Renaissance weddings have enjoyed a new resurgence since the time when they were most popular in the mid to late 80’s. The increased interest can be directly attributed to events such as the Bristol Renaissance Faire near Kenosha. Faire officials note that there has been a steady increase in the number of weddings over the past five years. For the 19 days that the fair is running, there are currently 16 weddings scheduled. Still others credit the trend of weddings using the medieval or Renaissance look to the popularity of the HBO series, Game of Thrones as being a major contributor.

Catherine Clark, senior editor of Offbeatbride.com, says that she has seen an increase in the number of historically themed wedding submissions to their website.  Both couples and vendors can submit photos to the site. There couples can find a full range of different time periods, but the Renaissance and Victorian periods make up the bulk of submissions on the site.

Other couples theme their weddings to go with favorite books, movies and video games. With the increase of conventions such as Comicon, Couples are choosing to get married in attire that ranges from Tolkien’s Elves to Pirates, or favorite Sci-fi movies like Star Wars or Star Trek. The most important thing according to Raven and Clark is to just get creative.

Though themed weddings can be far more relaxed than a traditional weddings, it can still be extremely stressful pulling all of the elements together. Geri Sims has been helping couples create the perfect wedding in a variety of styles and themes for more than 20 years No matter what kind of theme you have in mind, Geri can help you make your wedding plans a reality.

Contact Atlanta Wedding Décor today and let Geri help you plan your wedding or other special event. We specialize in creative weddings by adding all of the staging including dramatic drapery and tenting, uplighting and props to bring your wedding dreams into reality. Call Geri Sims today at 404-558-1300 to schedule an appointment to go over your wedding plans.


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