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The Latest in Indian Wedding Fashion: Khadi Fabric

One of the best ways to celebrate Indian culture is during a traditional baraat. One statement that many brides are choosing is through the use of one of the hottest trends – traditionally handwoven khadi fabric in both cotton and in silk. Today, this new resurgence is being seen in the saris and kurtas that couples are choosing to wear for their weddings.

The movement toward handspun khadi fabric was brought back into the collective awareness of Indians during Mahatma Gandhi’s Independence movement. Now, with the rallying cry made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to, “Make in India,” and the push of Indian designers such as Rohit Bal, Neeru Kumar, Abraham & Thakore, Samant Chauhan, and Rajesh Pratap across India and the UK, it’s seeing even more of a comeback.

It wasn’t so very long ago that designer, Gaurang Shah, who is based in Hyderabad and has dressed Bollywood actresses such as Sonam Kapoor and Vidya Balan, had to all but force customers to buy clothes made from khadi.

“When my first lot of saris started to come from the loom 7-8 years ago, I had to force my customers to buy them, to make them understand that this was as expensive and as good as a silk yarn.”

It took a bit of convincing, but once customers took Shah’s advice they found that the fabric was intricately designed, incredibly comfortable and versatile and could span the seasons.

With the introduction of finer thread counts, kanjeefaram blends, florals along with brighter colors and intricate designs, younger Indians have caught on to the degree that the demand is now greater than the supply. Consumers are willing to wait for the fabric and a whole new awareness of what is involved with handweaving and its quality has been very good for the weavers as well.

Beautiful fabric and draping is intricately tied to Indian culture and identity. What started out as a movement against Western oppression decades ago now celebrates what it means to be Indian. Khadi fabric featuring intricate dying and embroidery featuring metallic thread and beadwork can make up the perfect wedding sari that is undeniably rooted in your Indian culture and heritage.

While your wedding stylist can make you look your best, you want the scene for your Indian wedding to be perfect as well. Call Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor to make your wedding something that is uniquely you. We can make your baraat and Indian wedding soiree into an event to remember. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discuss your wedding plans.




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