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The Impact of Pinterest on Wedding Planning

With technology comes the inevitable change in culture as well. Today, the popular scrapbook website, Pinterest, which functions for users very much in the way of an online scrapbook, is having incredible influence on how couples make their wedding plans.

For some businesses that focus on weddings, that can mean a real need to adapt to the desires of couples. For Cathy Wagner, co-owner of Matoon’s J-Wag Photo, “We’ve done pictures on boats and on fire trucks we try and find things that are unique to their personalities.”

Couples are able to upload their ideas on sites such as Pinterest, and they want to have creative input about how their special day will look and feel. Couples want the ability to be able to set the tone and the style but they need a wedding planner who listen to what their ideas are and incorporate them into something that is totally unique to their tastes.

According to Alex Boeckman, a disc jockey for Complete Weddings Events, this means that couples are far more invested. Boeckman will read a room and then will do whatever he can in order to get people out on the dance floor but couples putting their ideas into the event is important these days. “They want more personalization in it and we want to include them in the decisions,” said Boeckman, “They want input, but for us to run the show.”

For other wedding-centric businesses, the changes of having access to more information and ideas online have not made such a big impact. Brides will often show cake makers such as Connie Adams of Heavenly Delight Cakes pictures of cakes they have seen online.

“Everything old is new again,” said Adams “They like the round cakes, the elegant but vintage looks.”

Even though the focus of many online sites can give soon-to-be-wed couples the idea that they can do it all themselves, there are inevitably issues that can arise when putting together a life event such as a wedding. Having professionals on hand who are accomplished in putting together the various aspects of an event and have the equipment and knowhow to pull it off is important.

Newlyweds have enough to put their focus into on their big day. That’s why it’s important to have wedding professionals such as Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor on hand to help make your wedding into an event that is truly one of a kind and tailored to you.

Geri would love to see your ideas on how you want your wedding to look. She can also give you ideas on just how to make your wedding or reception something that reflects your tastes as well. Add the drama of drapery to your wedding or corporate event. Contact Geri today to schedule an appointment.


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