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The Couple that Created the Wedding Hashtag Apologizes!

Does it seem like weddings are becoming more and more complicated as the years go on? If you haven’t been married since the advent of social media, you lucked on on avoiding the need to figure out how to manage how your guests will share photos and videos from the wedding with the public. One trend that emerged in the early days of Twitter is to encourage guests to tag photos with a certain hashtag for identification.

Buzzfeed tracked down the guy who originally came up with the idea, or at least the earliest example they could find. He and his wife, who are still married, decided to use the hashtag #BohWed to mark down memories about the event for later remembering. Now there is a small cottage industry of printing cards encouraging guests to use a particular hashtag so everyone can see all of the photos. There are sites that can help you combine your last names to find the perfect hashtag. There are even hashtag enforcers that you can hire to make sure your guests use the tag!

Some brides have stressed out about choosing the perfect hashtag for their wedding. For his part, the groom in the original hashtag wedding was surprised the idea caught on, and has apologized for any stress caused.

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