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Sticking to Routines and Exercise Can De-Stress Wedding Couples

There is no doubt that getting married is stressful, not just for the bride but for everyone. Getting out and getting away may be just the answer to help relax enough so that you can face the day more stress-free than you imagined possible.

According to a recent article that appeared in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s online edition, taking time out to hike or do some yoga before walking down the aisle can do much to alleviate those wedding day jitters.

Allison Moir-Smith, a psychotherapist specializing in counseling brides-to-be based in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., asserts that most brides and grooms get nervous on their wedding day. This can be attributed to having to deal with so many people and the situation all at once. It’s an emotional transformation for them. “You are making this profound identity change, and you are doing it in public, and you don’t know how you are going to react,” Moir-Smith said. “It’s overwhelming, and that’s OK. It should be.”

Dealing with it can come down to simply sticking to a usual routine such as taking a hike or a run. That’s what Hannah Spinrad of Greensboro, N.C. did. While her guests were enjoying the Grandover Resort where the wedding and reception were to be held, she made it a point to get centered and grounded by going out for a run with her father on her wedding day. It was something that she did to reconnect with him and to relax. It helped her relax on one of the most important days of her life with a renewed focus.

Brides aren’t the only ones who need the time away. Grooms could gain a great deal by also taking the time for themselves before their nuptials. Dr. Ben Oberman of Durham, N.C. knew he needed to gain perspective. Some of his family members were less than accepting of his now-wife, Jacquelyn Scott Oberman. Would everything turn out ok, or was he alienating his family? Oberman’s best man took him on a hike in a petrified forest near where their wedding was to be held in California. He shared his concerns with his friend and by the end of the hike; he was ready to meet his new bride and to begin their new life together. “It was a soothing environment, and I was with someone I could trust and who would be there for me no matter what,” Oberman said.

Yoga can also offer a way for brides and grooms. It’s what inspired Manhattan yoga instructor, Rachel Babington to start her business, Bride’s Love Yoga.  Even during the busiest part of the wedding season, she regularly sees two clients.  This can help them to do the kind of self- nurturing that they might not have thought to do for themselves since getting married is already supposedly all about them.

Connecting to yourself and feeling bolstered under the stresses of the wedding day can take many forms. For some, it can mean keeping a childhood keepsake with you in your handbag, or wearing a piece of family or religious jewelry that is meant to act as a protective talisman. Such things can turn stress into confidence on one of the most important days in a couple’s lives.

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