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Saving Costs On Wedding Guests

Does receiving a Save the Date card in the mail for a wedding fill you with happiness or a bit of apprehension?  While most people are happy to see friends and loved one announcing their upcoming nuptials, there can still exist that niggling thought of how much is it all going to cost in the end?

In a recent article that appeared on the NBC news website, a recent survey conducted by Wedding Wire estimated that on average each wedding guest shell out an average $888 per wedding. For those who have been named as part of the wedding party, those costs can be even steeper.  Wedding party members, according to the same survey, can spend on average $1,280 after all associated costs of alterations, rentals, travel arrangements and gifts, for example.

Jessica Bishop, creator of TheBudgetSavvyBride.com advises for 20-somethings to make it a habit of factoring such costs in. It isn’t worth going into debt to go to a wedding so she advises not to put it on a credit card. Determine which you can afford to attend or not. If there are no weddings to attend, then put them into your personal emergency fund or savings account. Just wait to do it after wedding season, which tends to run from May through October.

If you are going to be going to a wedding, here are some ways to cut costs.

What to wear?

If attending multiple events such as rehearsal dinners and the like, check your closet to see what’s serviceable. If not, raid the closets of friends or relatives. Other possibilities include rentals that are available locally or some online that offer you the ability to rent it instead of buying it.

What to give?

While there are no hard rules about what to spend on a wedding gift, Bishop recommends spending no less than $50 on a wedding gift. Most couples will have a registry so you know what it is that they want and need. If money is an issue, consider pooling resources with family and friends in order to purchase an item that the couple really wants. Other newlyweds prefer no personal gifts given to them at all and opt to have gifts in terms of charitable donations. If you aren’t sure where to look, it’s a good idea to simply ask.

Travel Plans

Some weddings are well outside of driving distance. If this is the case, start looking at flights as soon as possible, but preferably no more than three months in advance. There are plenty of travel sites that offer great deals.

Consider using airline miles or websites that offer discounts when you book air, hotel and car rental together.  Consider making your plans using your mobile device rather than your PC. In destinations such as Las Vegas, for example, if you book your hotel room via your mobile device rather than your home computer or laptop, you can get a better price. If everyone is staying at the same hotel, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount for booking a block of rooms. Sometimes the savings can be substantial.

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