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Reaffirming your Vows

When winter finally let go its grip and spring is finally in the air that is the time that many couples choose to marry – or in some cases re-affirm their marriage vows.

With the increased amount of light, blooms begin popping up and hope and a sense of renewal are reborn during this time of year. Certified Life Cycle Celebrant Lois Heckman says that spring is a great time for renewing vows but she believes that it is best done on a special anniversary.

It is not only a romantic and serious occasion but can be a great excuse for a party, “Heckman says.

A couple can choose any number of reasons or events to do such a re-commitment ceremony. One ideal way to make such an event special is to include children in the ceremony. That way, according to Heckman, it becomes not only a recommitment to each other but it becomes an affirmation to the whole family.

Such a celebration may be making up for not having a dream wedding but opting for getting married before a Justice of the Peace at the county courthouse, for example. Now that they have travelled some of their life’s journey together, it is an excellent opportunity for reconnecting to their commitment and sharing it with family and friends.

Any couple that has come through the other side of an illness or survived a disaster or other life-changing event may want to honor each other and having been brought closer through life’s challenges.

Such a ceremony can be simple or complex. You can hold it in your backyard or arrange to bring family and friends to an exotic vacation spot. You can re-speak the vows you spoke on your wedding day, or you can write up a whole new set. It’s really up to the two of you. You get to do it your way, call all of the shots and have that wedding of your dreams that you were dreaming of but might not have had the opportunity to have before.

Making your event special is a part of what we do best at Atlanta Wedding Décor. Geri Sims has been helping make weddings and events into something to remember.

Whether you are planning to take your vows for the first time or reaffirm them a second time, Geri Sims can help. Geri specializes in wedding drapery and dramatic lighting to make any venue into a fantasy perfect for your occasion.


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