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Planning a Royal Wedding

When a person makes their reputation as a party planner, it’s hard to imagine how they wouldn’t want to make everything as perfect as can be for their own wedding day.

Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, was the bridesmaid at the royal wedding between Kate and Prince William.  Now it’s Pippa’s turn to become the bride.

Pippa, who is set to marry millionaire James Matthews, will be at the center of what English society is now predicting will be the wedding  event of 2017.

Pippa, not unlike many brides, will be planning her own wedding.  In a recent article that appeared in The Daily Beast, a fellow party planner said, “Most party planners like to do their own events. It’s only natural. If you have any confidence in yourself, it would be bizarre not to. Pippa may have a full-time assistant involved to handle the logistics in the run-up to the big day, but she’ll be the one calling up chefs for auditions and picking the linen.”

As a successful party planner herself, the bride-to-be will likely be doing things entirely her own way, but family and friends insist that in spite of the white church wedding atmosphere of the formal ceremony, the reception and after-party is sure to have Pippa’s touches throughout that seem to run toward the informal. It’s the informal after-ceremony soirees that have almost become Pippa’s trademark.

Like many brides, Pippa is expected to use family members with expertise to help her on her big day.  The wedding cake will likely be made by her brother, James Middleton, who had his own cake-making business that is now closed.  He now makes personalized marshmallows that are probably just the type of thing that Pippa would opt for at her reception.

While society pages across the UK and the world are speculating on just how Pippa’s wedding will go, you can bet that she will make her big day unique to her own tastes and personal flair.

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