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Planning a Holiday Wedding?

There are so many details to see to when hosting a holiday event. Along with everything that needs to be bought and prepared before the big day such as planning the meal, drinks, gifts and other necessities, costs can definitely add up. Dressing the holiday table, however, doesn’t mean spending even more money, and exercising a little creativity is a definite plus.

Take an inventory of things that you already have on hand at home and even from your garden to help put together something that will make a statement, yet go easy on your holiday budget.

Things that we have around the house that we take for granted, if spruced up in new and interesting ways with sprigs of evergreen, a few pine cones or candles and candle holders can add drama without going over budget.

Antiques and family heirlooms such as a collectible figurine, or even a well-loved antique toy, if given prominence and a bit of embellishment can make a real statement as a holiday centerpiece.

You can use serving pieces such as platters, bowls and glassware filled with florist’s moss as well as sprigs of evergreen, citrus fruits, nuts and berries or a few small reflective Christmas ornaments or candles can give texture and interest to a table setting.

To draw the eye, rely on having the correct height for your centerpiece. Getting the proper height can be achieved by using a stable surface like a small stool, covered with a rich, brocaded fabric you have on hand for example. Another even more versatile way to get just the right amount of height is by using a stack of books. If they are antique and are have a jewel-toned leather binding, for example, it can lend to the color scheme and holiday sparkle even more.

A small, battery operated string of LED lights can further illuminate a featured object. Consider adding glitter to pine cones or giving them a quick spritz of gold or silver paint that’s given time to dry. Put these in a festive bowl or around a bird cage festooned with moss and other greenery to give your table a vintage look.

Other options are small, inexpensive flowers from the grocery store or even a potted plant that is tied with bits of velvet ribbon or other fabrics to add interest and texture. After your holiday event, the plant can go elsewhere in your home or be planted in the garden in the spring.

If you are planning a holiday event and want some ideas on how to create an event that is the stuff of memories, call Geri Simms at Atlanta Wedding Décor. Whether it is a wedding or a holiday party or corporate event, Geri has ideas on how to make your special event one of a kind. We can help plan your event by using things you already have and ad the drama of drapery to create your holiday fantasy. Contact Geri today to schedule an appointment.


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