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Picking A Perfect Wedding Venue

When your beloved is down on one knee, asking to share your lives together, finding the perfect venue isn’t the first thing on your mind. Once the initial giddiness subsides, it’s time to start the long and hectic process of planning the wedding. After you’ve set the date, you get to decide which venue is the right one for your big day.

In a recent article that recently appeared in the Washingtonian for couples wanting to book one of four popular Marriot Hotels in the Washington D.C. area, they need to start thinking about booking their venue as early as possible. “As soon as you find the right place, book it. Things go quickly,” Melissa Fedoroff, Catering Sales Executive at Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia advises.

An additional catering sales executive at the Key Bridge Marriot, Maggie Goetzman, concurs. It is certainly not unusual to need to book your wedding venue a year or more in advance. “People are shocked how far in advance dates book up,” Goetzman said.

For many couples, it’s about the destination, or the spectacular views of a place that can make a wedding popular with couples seeking to tie the knot. The key, according to many experts, is to be flexible and consider booking on off-peak days or times of the year. June weddings are traditionally very popular so it may be one of the hardest times of the year to try and book the exact venue or day that you want unless you do it far enough in advance.

Prioritize What’s Most Important

Of course, when planning a wedding, you probably aren’t going to get 100% of everything you have ever dreamed about. You may be able to have your wedding on the date that you’ve set but not at the exact location that you were dreaming of. Of you may get the location, but find that it just doesn’t have the capacity to handle all of the guests you want to invite. Take everything into consideration and decide where you can compromise.

If price is a concern, shop around for what will best meet your needs. You may decide to host your wedding at an historic site, or you may find that a local country club or even a wedding at home might best meet your needs.

What Does Your Dream Wedding Look Like?

Some brides began contemplating what their weddings would look like even as little girls. Lynann Dumas, Senior Catering Sales Executive at the newly redesigned Washington Marriott suggests taking that picture that they have in their head and really thinking about what it looked like, whether it was in a church, a beach, a winery or an historic building.

Some couples may take some of the heat off of themselves by working with a wedding planner. They can help, for example, by taking care of all of the arrangements for booking a caterer, taking care of who will bring in alcohol, to the venue as well as renting tables, tents, wedding décor and flowers. If you are planning a specialized or ethnic wedding, ask the wedding planner if they have handled these in the past. Almost always they are more than happy to supply references as well as show pictures of past events that they helped to organize.

The most important thing, however, is that your wedding and reception should be all about who both people are. No matter the venue that you choose or what kind of theme or ambience you want to make, it’s all about the two of you.

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